Discuss Some JS Style Guide

by Giang, last updated 19 Jan 2018

This will discuss some of JS style guide proposal made for my project:

  • Use ES6 features effectively
  • jQuery
  • Lodash
  • React

Use ES6 features effectively

We write ES6 so we should get the best out of it. For a quick recap of ES6 features, check this http://es6-features.org/

Here are some quick rules to follow

  • Do not use ; In ES6 we don't have to use ; at the end of a statement

  • User const for variable that doesn't change, let for variable that will be mutated. Avoid var.

  • Use string interpolation instead of string concat ref

// bad
var bar = 'baz'
var foobar = 'foo' + bar

// good
const foobar = `foo${bar}`
  • Use getters/setters ref


Generai rules:

  • Always declare jQuery object a name starts with $


  • Do not use .getJson() or .get(), always use $.ajax()
  • Use promise (deferred) instead of success, error, complete events
// promise examples
$.ajax({ ... }).then(successHandler, failureHandler);

// or
var jqxhr = $.ajax({ ... });

// or
  url: url,
  type: 'GET'
  data: {},
  dataType: 'JSON'
.done((data, textStatus, jqXHR) => {
  // success callbacks
.fail((jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) => {
  // error callbacks
.always((data|jqXHR, textStatus, jqXHR|errorThrown) => {
  // complete callbacks


Lodash (https://lodash.com/docs/) provides handful of methods that helps with collection/string manipulation and other ultilities.

A few frequetly used functions such as _.uniqueId to generate unique id (e.g. for new records), _.remove to remove certain elements that match a predicate from an array, _.difference to compare 2 collections.


Component structure

  • class definition
    • constructor
    • 'component' lifecycle events (e.g. ComponentDidMount)
    • event handlers
    • getters
    • render
  • defaultProps
  • proptypes

Passing props

// single prop
<Product name='product name' />

// multiple props
  name='product name'

Avoid jQuery in React

DOM manipulation should be handle by React, not jQuery


  • AJAX request handling
  • Bootstrap elements that use jQuery (e.g. Bootstrap modal)

Always declare propTypes for Component This will allow React to check and warning about missing/invalid props. Also make the component more readable.

ComponentName.propTypes = {
  email:      React.PropTypes.string,
  seats:      React.PropTypes.number,
  settings:   React.PropTypes.object,
  callback:   React.PropTypes.func,
  isClosed:   React.PropTypes.bool,
  any:        React.PropTypes.any,

Always add <tbody> for table If you don't insert <tbody> for table, browsers will inject it into table while React may continue to add new <tr> tags that fall outside of <tbody>

Use Flux/Redux to control component state avoid maintaining state internally in component.

i18n: order keys by alphabet

filename should be same as component name for better reference from other files.