Common Internet Acronyms - Các từ viết tắt thông dụng

AFAIKas far as I know
AFKaway from keyboard
ASAPas soon as possible
ATMat the moment
BRBbe right back
BTWby the way
DIYdo it yourself
FTFYfixed that for you
FTWfor the win / fuck the world
FYIfor your information
gg(game) good game
gl hf(game) good luck, have fun
GTFOget the fuck out
IANALI am not a lawyer
IIRCif I recall/remember correctly
IMHOin my humble opinion
IMOin my opinion
LOLlaughing out loud
MRWmy reaction when
N/Anot available/applicable
NSFWnot safe for work
OMGoh my God
OPoriginal poster/post
OTOHon the other hand
POVpoint of view
stfushut the fuck up
TBAto be announced
TGIFthanks God, it's Friday
TILtoday I learned
TL;DRtoo long; didn't read
WTFwhat the fuck
WTHwhat the hell/heck